Team Southern Obsession

Southern Obsession originated from the South Louisiana swamps, and river banks of the mighty Amite River. A team of individuals does not represent this brand that unifies the lifestyle that Southern Obsession represents. Anyone that has a true obsession for the outdoors, and lives a southern lifestyle day in and day out can represent this brand, and be a part of this family we call a team. This brand was created to stay original to the one way of life I myself have ever lived, and that’s the southern way. Southern Obsession brings all hunters, fishermen, outdoor enthusiasts, and “southerners” together to form the brand we represent with our family and friends along our journeys. When you wear Southern Obsession, you know you're a part of an outdoor family nationwide. Strive to acknowledge anyone wearing T.S.O. Who knows, the connection you establish with this brand might be the door to your next hunting trip or outdoor adventure. Come join the journey with Team Southern obsession today! Be sure to subscribe to our email list and follow us on Instagram and see what this outdoor family is all about!


Est. 2014 - Devon Sheridan

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